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Welcome to Dream Evil.

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A New Start.

by xNinjaGirlx, 67 days ago

Welcome to Dream Evil. Lets get started right away.


As for guild rules we are free for all.

Below is a defined set of rules.


1) Being free for all means PKs are allowed.

1) When we try and obtain something we try and work together. This means once every so often you will be required to help another. (Gilda Star Runs // Trade Runs // Questing help // PVP Zone Combat)

3) Communication is Key so always try and join our Team Speak for group events ect.

4) Recruitment's are OK, i advise everyone to try/attempt and make this guild grow.

5) Depending on our current goals on farming and proficiency growth you may be required to help a certain member(s) of the guild increase at that time. This is to be expected from each and everyone if we are to be strong.

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