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August 2015

We experienced something quite fun and exciting back on the 8th of August and that was a nice world pvp hide n seek hunt in our guild. We set sail for an event day unlike any other!

With prizes to be won the rest of DE had to set out in the world to find Semiramida and Anarchy whom were out and about (invisible) in the world giving away prizes to those who found them on a certain conflict map. Anarchy had a unique way of giving away clues which were by what kinda music was played on our Music bot, i on the other hand gave out a pretty easy screenshot for the remaining prizes. More than 20 decided to join in this epic hunt to the death.

Secret raids and parties formed and assassins came to the event to stop people from being able to trade with Anarchy and I. With apex, mortar designs, weapon regrades among other things up for grabs it was an intense day of pvp and laughter.

We're an orphanage. Coming from all different backgrounds, guilds and history and we ended up here. Unfortunately a lot of us came from bad backgrounds but that didn't matter. Dream Evil gave the help, the fun and the friendship to each and everyone who became apart of what we have. We gave each other a place where we could really call home and we ended up as family. Thats all that matters. The fun, laughter and good times will never stop.

Yam on,

Ps: I made everyone plant yams afterwards, good work team! :)

The truth.

Semiramida General posted Jul 24, 15

My response to the thread made on kyrios forums: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?215768-OPP-Robbed-Dream-Evil

And to the OPP website: http://www.opponline.net/showthread.php?6625-The-Day-the-Dream-Died-Operation-Pornstar

Regretfully i have to post this stupid drama for people to know the truth on my website, a place where there is no drama and negativity. Forcing me to do so, shame on them.


To Everyone whom who have any concern, interest or want to know the truth.

I apologize to everyone for starters. I do not post much on the forum at all and i don't take a stab at forum threads with small posts. I make constructive posts which are large so bare with me. If you want to know the the story.

Reading all what OPP had written on their website, The Forum Warrior/Troll posts makes me sick to my stomach. Never in my life have i been a target for cyber bulling in a game over what? Pvp? I have never threatened an OPP member involving real life, never personally made it a vendetta to spend every waking moment harassing you out of bounds. You have made it a mission for your members to sexually harass me because you simply enjoy it, all of your members enjoy demoralizing people, trolling and talk the biggest shit I've ever seen all over Kyrios. I am disgusted and saddened to have to share a server with you. What do you guys want? Fame? Go take that shit else where you wont get it from us.

You're a PvP guild and we give you PvP every single time we go to Hellswamp. What is wrong with that? I make it a strict rule for DE not to talk shit to anyone regardless of how dire it is but you guys make that so hard for my friends, my members to respect my wishes and the guild rules when you spread your nonsense to the server and have or attempt for people to believe it.  Our Rules & Our Rites

10) Forum/Faction chat "Warrior"-ing/Trolling is prohibited.
11) Shit talking and disrespectful behavior completely unacceptable no matter the circumstance.

All i thought was that you guys wanted to unwind after work, pvp no restraints. What i didn't know was that you also do is throw out your damn dignity and self respect out the window too. So why is this disrespectful garbage and sexual harassment need to continue. I haven't done anything like this to anyone in this game or in real life period and you make this into some huge drama against a small guild. What on earth is wrong with you.

I kept what i look like or what i do in real life a secret and NEVER posted in guild chat. I did not want to involve my real life into this fantasy game world. When i came to this game with a group of friends it was never my intentions to lead a guild and in all honesty if it wasn't for the people i have met, the wonderful guild mates i have gained.. I have never seen such friendship and bond being forged within our guild.. in any guild, that is why all of our land.. on a global scale. Everything is set to guild and we all trust each other 100%. It is quite a task to get in this guild to bring you into our fold and experience what we do. We do not simply invite people into what we have or it gets out of control, may be an exception here and there but rarely. All our of trial base recruitment info can be found here. The only way you manage to steal from us was by involving a real life related opportunity. We lost 2 farms and a boat load of packs. So what, this is not what it's about something else entirely.

Now.. Let me clear up some of this propaganda with the truth.

Unfortunately Graum quit the game and his computer broke down. Graum had a real life friend whom had gone to OPP. We had been using the Graum account for some guild land and whom who i decided to keep in this guild for my own sentimental nostalgic reasons (Is it so wrong?).. He didn't know if his account was still active and being used so he gave it to this real life friend of his. His real life friend had stolen our farms and our hard earned packs for them. This does not make it some kinda operation of yours that you've been planning since the dark ages, it makes you lucky that you had someone related to our guild in real life. It was unfortunate that the account got compromised, we were saddened and fustrated by it so what. We rebuilt fast we got it all back. We helped each other get back on our feet like nothing had happened. This is not about having what was stolen from us, it's about how far you're willing to take it personally using real life information.

We can admit when we lose, we learn, we adapt and try to improve. Simple we win some we lose some. Always keeping our attitude good so we can keep on having a friendly loving environment. This is what sets us apart, the way you act, the way you treat others. You'll never admit you lost against us or anyone countless times (who gives a shit right? Why is it so personal to you?) We have countless amounts of footage from events that would fill your hard drive to the brim. Do we choose to upload them? No. What kinda videos do we have on DE Youtube.. It's mainly of us just having fun as a guild, we like to role play as a "cult guild" or whatever we please doing the most random things. Just yesterday we were at Kenny's party. Setting aside East vs West to give him a nice show before the rest of your guild decided to crash and intrupt our fun. Is it so wrong? Putting things aside is what we can do and what you cant do. This is what sets OPP and DE apart and conflicts with morals of my self and my friends. I cannot think of a reason outside of in-game bounds and means to why you guys go so far to sexually harass me, demoralize me as a woman as you can see above.

Going back to what you had written on your website.. All of what you wrote in terms of "oppressive leadership" , "unfun for their members" , "more toxic than we imagined". My members infact love it here all of them i make them feel like they are apart of something, a family. Who in their right mind makes a huge announcement on their website of them cyber bulling someone on the internet? It's quite clear you just in-fact described your own guild - OPP and how things are done, everyone that knows inside or outside my guild can see the truth.

What i post on my website what we do is nothing remotely toxic to the server or to my guild.
http://dreamevilguild.com/home/m/31996220/article/3406660 You can see from our event posts all we do is have fun. Must be toxic to have a soccer game on the beach huh poor Kyrios. What did you call me? Something-Something Sorcerers "Prostitute"?

These friendships I've made throughout my time. None of my guild mates knew what i looked like i kept real life out of in-game. In my life i was.. am going through a difficult time. I came to Archeage seeking a new world to escape to to leave my troubles behind but people like you need to bring it to this world too.

Skip: 4m49s

As corny or as "oppressive leader" as i may seem in that video.. I love my guild very much. I posted this awhile ago and i was going to quit after some events that happened. Leaving all the friends i made behind because it was too much to bare for me as you can read in the description of the video. I stopped.. I love the friends that i have made and surprised that they never saw me as some dumb girl or woman. They all saw me as a leader, a friend, someone they can progress with and quite honestly brings a tear to my eye. There was a time once in DE where we had a more female player base and there was no "white-knighting" which i loved, we were all equal. I learned that you truly can make friends that care and respect you, it doesn't have to be mutual benefit and gain just being in a guild. I turned this guild into a family.

If not for everyone in this guild that pulled me back from the darkest place i went to at the time it would have been the end for this group i have formed. I dealt with what was going on, i dealt with it for everyone because they all needed me to be strong and try to take us places to experience things together.

My time in Archeage has been a wonderful perfect journey if not for this, if not for what you guys are doing to me now. I stood by Sorcerer to the very end of their last siege with what respect we had we defended their last castle out of kindness, the week before the last siege we decided to part due to not of them losing the war against GA but how we were treated in the "TWO alliance". Which was barely an alliance. We were misunderstood by the GA and they targeted us because we only wanted to do content because we were too small. http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?176201-Our-timeline-Our-own-path-Our-selves-Dream-Evil

I don't have the heart to cheat, lie, steal, scam, grief someones real life or in game. I couldn't even do it to you guys now after you've done this to me because that's who i am and that is how i am building this guild. Good people in this world get preyed upon by people like you. I am not the only one. That is why we fight OPP every single day, there are not many guilds that stand up and fight you on a constant basis like we do. We know the feel and the pain of loss, the time and progression made that is why we do not steal or scam from our faction. You OPP do not.

I think to my self how can members of your guild support such an attack, such grief upon someone, where are your morals? Your decency as a human being? Have they never been in a guild or had a group that cares for them like i do to my members? My friends? It is not all dark and there are people in DE that care for each other greatly as weird as it may be to some who don't understand or experienced this. Maybe one day a lot of you will think back and realize how pathetic, childish and out right immature this really was. I don't deserve this these personal vendettas. I have never attacked any OPP member with any sort of "cyber stalking." or sexual harassment as mentioned on your forum post. Never have and i never will to ANYONE. My guild knows me, my friends outside of the guild know me, others know me and how i am. Treat others the way they wish to be treated, this is what i tell my guild on a daily basis. Always with kindness. Dream Evil will never fall no matter how many times you harass us and whatever you may steal from DE. We will never break. GA never broke us when we were with TWO, they crumbled and none of you have the slightest chance even with you trying to involve my real life. None of you.

I will never ever accept a GvG against any of you. We never have in the past and never will today or tomorrow. I have ZERO respect for your guild and your members. YOU don't deserve a GvG against DE or anyone honestly. We wont give into your demands because you don't deserve the chance or the face. Who ever does this kinda behavior over a video game doesn't. I'll; We'll continue to step the all over OPP every time we look for pvp, we've been doing it before and we're still doing it even now. We have a fantastic montage coming up you guys will love it. You'll see it when you're all the most saltiest and sickest. I know for damn sure you remember all those times when we clashed OPP and left you all in the dirt. Your words.. Your lies wont save you from whats coming for each and everyone of you and after all this typing i think i know why my guild and i are targets now, it's just simply because you cant accept the truth and that makes you furious. You are pathetic horrible human beings that go beyond in-game bounds and means to fight people using personal information that you have gained against them. You don't know when to draw the line. It's sickening.

The propaganda that you spread even among to your new members... I bet they all think i am some kinda monster that needs to be shut down. You feed more propaganda in OPP and on this server than what was going on in the TWO saga days.

Lutola - Ex OCC Member talking to me after meeting me and my guild for a Serpentis run. (I apologize Lutola)

To everyone here, witnessing this, know that..

There are truly evil and bad people in this world and that is you. That is OPP and what they stand for.


We at Dream Evil explore pretty much all sides of content... I am quite sure now we've pretty much done it all.

Our content is mainly player vs player orientated being a smaller tight knit group we are mostly only able to do PvP due to our size. Good thing Archeage is mostly a PvP Game! However we still we like to explore and do other things! Being a majority PvP guild doesn't stop us from doing all kinds of events and World Bosses when we can, it adds much needed flavor and infact draws out people to kill!

Abyssal kraken is always fun. Highlight Friday's abyssal having to steal a red galleon to disguise our selves from enemy radar and jumping right on top of an enemy merchant full of Abyssal Packs. Here is a summary of what went down: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?213771-My...Pride...Ouch&p=1845213&viewfull=1#post1845213

We later had a 10 vs 10 Soccer match on the beaches of Sand Deep! Completely random but a much needed "day at the beach" for our members from the constant PvP we do.

Allowing only harmless skills to be used for the match it made for an interesting turn out. If this isn't roleplay fun than i don't know what is. I am quite convinced now that we've done it all and that we'll do it all.

Turning up to event days is WORTH IT every single time. Having the time of your Archeage lives so to speak is the absoluete highlight of our guild. The rollercoaster ride we're on.. never stops.

Like to see our event album(s)? Go Here or Fridays album: http://imgur.com/a/monfX

If you want to catch up with us check out the Event Details: http://dreamevilguild.com/events

Yam on,


Graum Officer Looks like fun

So we all know that we constantly do things as a guild.. Well most of the time. However we haven't ever really had a constant exact time when we do things.

I introduce to you the "One day on, One day off" Event system.

All information can be found here: http://www.dreamevilguild.com/events

Basicly starting this Monday (22 June 2015) As a guild will be doing all mini "Server events". Constantly. Hold up any business (trade runs or pve farming) you got to do - As this is 100% mandatory!

However.. Don't worry when i meant by "One day on, One day off" That means the following day can be a day to do anything you wish to do. (trade runs, that dreaded place called library or pve grinding).

Make it your best effort to turn up, an event clock countdown can be found on the events page: http://www.dreamevilguild.com/events

Hope to see everyone and hope this will bring much needed organization and even more fellowship among our guild mates.

Welcome Dream Evil, creatures of the night and those whom lurk in the dark,

I present to you...


The new.. Dream Evil Website!

I have worked quite hard to make this amazing as it is and this will bring us out of the "gutter" in terms of communication and community and it only further strengthen our guild and the community we have created together.

Much needed make over was needed, truth be told.. we all knew our old forums was quite lacking and not very user friendly. We now have a new home yet again.

We have many more feats to accomplish. Onwards only forward we can go.

You all made this possible.

Thank you everyone,

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