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May 2016

With great pride, pleasure and happiness i present to you...

A guild from small... humble beginnings. A guild with a big hearts and lasting friendships.

Dream Evil is one of the few "Surviving Guilds" of today's Kyrios. We still are standing together with the same amazing core that we've always had since 2 weeks into the birth of Kyrios. The birth of Trion's Archeage and we here at Dream Evil will never die. Much like the below trailer we have carved our selves into the history of Kyrios.

We are probably the most strangest, quirky guild out there in all honesty. We enjoy to goof around or "Role-Play" if you will.. most of all we enjoy killing people, we love PvP!

I made this thread today to show off some of our videos to the new server transfers to say hello and or possibly find some people with the same like-mindedness as us in hopes to show you what kinda fun we have as a Guild. You wont see a faction shout recruitment message from us nor will you find us in safe-zones unless we're RP-ing. Most times we're always.. Always on the hunt.. and if you do see us and wish to join our raid for a fun time i am happy to throw you an invite to the raid.

There is one thing that Dream Evil has that most guilds don't and that's how much of family we consider our selves, think of it like an extended family. You'll meet the most kindest, sweetest and trustworthy people in Dream Evil. We all escaped from a world outside of this one, we found each other here and I'll always.. We'll always be thankful for that.

We may not be able to do all the things that larger guilds/alliances are able to do (Red Dragon, Kraken or Anth) but we always try and find a way to participate into raids. Aside from not being able to do it our selves we took a serious PvP direction as PvP doesn't require you to have half or full raids to play. Striving to find as much as possible we look everywhere poking and prodding for example. We may be a little Anti-Social to outside guilds and that is just because we are so tight-knit so forgive us D:

What sets us apart from the rest is the dedicated family and friends we have made over time in here.. thankfully all with the thirst of blood - The Thirst for PvP. We do organized PvP Raiding, event days, specialized events and not to forget the goofy parts with the Role-playing. There is one thing i can dare claim and that's Dream Evil being the only immersion role-playing guild on Kyrios. We don't organize it or anything it kinda falls in naturally with our unique personalities.

Because of our name we have often been called a "Cult Guild" also for our logo(s) and sacrificial "acts" we've put on display out in the public for fun. We have adopted and praised it now. We've become the only "Cult" Guild on Kyrios as well. "Say - Chees.. i mean Sacrifice!"

We're a little bit "Yam Crazy" from what people have said. Having our Headquarters situated right next to the "Yam Specialty Bench" We grow Yams as source of guild income, discipline and punishment for those in Dream Evil. And yes i said punishment o,..,o.

Recruitment is quite normal, may be "stricter" than others but that works well for us. We're cautious for those we bring into the fold. We also aren't a guild who really "pays to win" so to speak. We work extremely hard at everything we do.. Maybe harder than most do say. This is why our recruitment baseline is where it is and it's perfect for us at Dream Evil.

More times often than not we are fighting guilds or people who are incredibly geared to near completely out gearing us by a large margin. So we all have a mindset of organization that needs to be mainly on top of our foes to ensure we do not fall. In Dream Evil we do not believe that one should back down just because of that gap - where others would turn away and leave we still have to keep going forward and we must continue to learn regardless of how geared our opponents may be or how badly we've been beaten to the ground - This is how i condition Dream Evil.

Wins are never handed to us - When we buckle down and beat foes that completely out gear us or out number us.. I say that is the greatest accomplishment this game could ever offer.. Especially to us. We know our limits and who we are.

We are the very few "Under Dog" guilds of Kyrios.

"It's not about how many times you get beaten and lose.. It's about how many times you get back up and keep on fighting."

"We either rise together or fall together, this is how it's always been for us.. for Dream Evil."

With that incredibly daunting and "long-ass" recruitment info (I apologize) i can go on with our event information: We have events like no other as well, while i did explain that our events mostly including only PvP because of our size, we always try and find bigger things for progression sake, we all do have the taste for more content after all. However as it stands Dream Evil is a PvP guild and this is what we specialize in and this is what we find most of. The thrill of the fight, we strive on it.

As for guild or "bonding" activities we attend a "Once weekday" and "All weekend" event day schedule. Which include all server events and after specialized Dream Evil events / PvP.

We take things seriously so..... Boring meetings included! *cough* (Not even kidding)

If you're still reading this you're probably wondering: "What Specialized Events?"

You can easily head on over to our website and check it out!



At Dream Evil i mentioned we work hard we see that in others too where ever we go. Newer players struggling to get along, low levels doing trade runs, basically anyone doing that kind of work reminds us of our humble days way back when.

With that said we never flag on those whom we see with packs. We know the pain of loss and how difficult starting up can be also the potential future great people this server can create so we do our best to try and help those who we see struggling. Although we STILL do flag on our own faction as long as you aren't carrying a pack for PvP "Prodding" or "Potential Action". So we're the opposite kind of safe? If you get what i mean.

We believe you can still get the same amount of PvP regardless, packs don't have to be involved but the excitement is still great. That is why we often make trade packs and carry them through hostile zones for fun. DE pays close attention to those who do steal, grief or troll our own faction and they get hunted and preyed upon constantly by Dream Evil.

Well that's about all, i hope i gave some insight to the new people and guilds that joined Kyrios and perhaps some back ground info to those who don't know much about us already on Kyrios.

And if you hate us please no salty or hate posts you can message me privately and we can chat about it if its of concern. I rather keep this thread clean if i may >.>

We look forward to seeing you around. We're friendly.. We don't bite.. But we may end up sacrificing you, no hard feelings.

A good example: http://imgur.com/a/tzrgE

"Yam City Bitch, Yam, Yam City" - Elusios of Catalyst

With the recent server transfers a lot of us got a jolt of excitement for the new people that have come. The "threat" is very real and it's overwhelmingly exciting for us.. The thrill of the hunt is back on with us maniacs in DE this means a lot of fantastic and great things - even more world PvP than before!

All or near most of our PvP in Dream Evil comes from places like CR/GR, Ynystere Fights, GvG action and Freedich instead of where they usually happen and that's at those boring World Bosses that are needed for progression. But hey we'll take what we can get right 

We probably find a lot more than most other guilds which i feel lucky for honestly. With the new people coming from the dead servers means we wont have to look as hard anymore at least for now.

We got the message loud and clear when NaCl came to take our Delphinad Ghost Ship as soon as servers were back up and we were so happy that now we have some contesting going on however i cannot speak for most of our ghost ship alliance but at DE we are pleasently surprised and hope they'll continue to look for a fight. We did successfully secure our ship the 2nd day and we look forward to seeing them every other day too!

With the "Era of Pirates" things are looking up. Good thing for us we managed to sneak a Morpheus in JUST before they server transfered or god knows how long it would take for us to get in Morpheus!

Here is a very beautiful image of a "Tunnel of Wings" at downing Nazar just after Morpheus. Performed by The Guardians, Beyond Redemption, Dream Evil and Lazy Gamers. Not all credit goes to us, the idea was from Firenation's Leader - Rageinducedrage. Thank you.

A huge thank you Swiffles for his amazing hard work and dedication to Dream Evil. Forever loved by his friends / His family in Dream Evil. This man is incredibly talented and i have seen fit to present his artwork in the best possible fashion and that is with a long needed Dream Evil promotional trailer (Click Here)

He also made a speed art video of him colouring it, fantastic work as always.

I'm sure we will see much more of Swiffles great artwork in the future ;)

Graum Member Needs an edit for the "Click here" part

We experienced something quite fun and exciting back on the 8th of August and that was a nice world pvp hide n seek hunt in our guild. We set sail for an event day unlike any other!

With prizes to be won the rest of DE had to set out in the world to find Semiramida and Anarchy whom were out and about (invisible) in the world giving away prizes to those who found them on a certain conflict map. Anarchy had a unique way of giving away clues which were by what kinda music was played on our Music bot, i on the other hand gave out a pretty easy screenshot for the remaining prizes. More than 20 decided to join in this epic hunt to the death.

Secret raids and parties formed and assassins came to the event to stop people from being able to trade with Anarchy and I. With apex, mortar designs, weapon regrades among other things up for grabs it was an intense day of pvp and laughter.

We're an orphanage. Coming from all different backgrounds, guilds and history and we ended up here. Unfortunately a lot of us came from bad backgrounds but that didn't matter. Dream Evil gave the help, the fun and the friendship to each and everyone who became apart of what we have. We gave each other a place where we could really call home and we ended up as family. Thats all that matters. The fun, laughter and good times will never stop.

Yam on,

Ps: I made everyone plant yams afterwards, good work team! :)

We at Dream Evil explore pretty much all sides of content... I am quite sure now we've pretty much done it all.

Our content is mainly player vs player orientated being a smaller tight knit group we are mostly only able to do PvP due to our size. Good thing Archeage is mostly a PvP Game! However we still we like to explore and do other things! Being a majority PvP guild doesn't stop us from doing all kinds of events and World Bosses when we can, it adds much needed flavor and infact draws out people to kill!

Abyssal kraken is always fun. Highlight Friday's abyssal having to steal a red galleon to disguise our selves from enemy radar and jumping right on top of an enemy merchant full of Abyssal Packs. Here is a summary of what went down: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?213771-My...Pride...Ouch&p=1845213&viewfull=1#post1845213

We later had a 10 vs 10 Soccer match on the beaches of Sand Deep! Completely random but a much needed "day at the beach" for our members from the constant PvP we do.

Allowing only harmless skills to be used for the match it made for an interesting turn out. If this isn't roleplay fun than i don't know what is. I am quite convinced now that we've done it all and that we'll do it all.

Turning up to event days is WORTH IT every single time. Having the time of your Archeage lives so to speak is the absoluete highlight of our guild. The rollercoaster ride we're on.. never stops.

Like to see our event album(s)? Go Here or Fridays album: http://imgur.com/a/monfX

If you want to catch up with us check out the Event Details: http://dreamevilguild.com/events

Yam on,


Graum Member Looks like fun
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